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  • Novelette called "Heaven's Heroes" a WWII fictional story based on real people. Going to the Editors this year, published first part of 2019.  
  • Vigilant In Today's World: Volume 2 will hopefully be published Spring of 2019. It will go to the editor this winter.
  • Wicked Harvest: Michigan Monsters & Macabre - Series Two stories are being written with the hope of publication in late Summer of 2020.
  •  A FREE short story has been added to the website called "The Great BB Gun War of 1983".
  • Working on Novellas, Novelettes - Titles coming soon...Nina, Killer Karma, etc.

Keep checking the blogs for current posts.


Wicked Harvest Series One

Erie Tales 11 - Tales from the Asylum

Check out my story "The Abandoned"

Publication by Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers. 

Now Published

Ghostlight - Sping 2019- Check out my story "Welcome to the Neighborhood" Publication by Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers. Newly Published.

Vigilant Vol 1

Vigilant Vol 1

Jerrod S. Smelker

Welcome to the official website of Jerrod S. Smelker, author of numerous books and short stories. Here you can find everything you want to know about Jerrod, as a writer and as a person. You can also purchase his books online and personally ask him questions about his work.

Lies in the Attic - Short Story

Casey - Short Story

Casey - Short Story

Boot Camp - Short Story

Boot Camp - Short Story

Thank you so much for visiting my official personal author website. Please take some time to visit the Wicked Harvest MI site, Last Leaf Publishing site or our Facebook pages. If you are a fan of blogs, check out my personal blog at TheSmelkerFiles or if you are a fan of spooky stuff blogs, be sure to check out my blog at SpookyStoriesMI for real ghost and paranormal stories, news and events, stuff about Halloween and fall and reviews on scary movies, books and stories. 

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